Landscaping Icon CentreCore

We're here to make you look good​

First impressions start with the exterior of the client property. Our goal is to provide the best possible landscaping maintenance services that will meet, and exceed, your expectations.

Cleaning Icon CentreCore

We're here to ensure clean and sanitized facilities.​

Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority in our cleaning services. We will design a cleaning solution to meet all your requirements and budget needs.

Property Maintenance Icon CentreCore

We're here to support your facility demands.

We understand the day to day challenges that client’s are facing with maintaining their properties in today’s labor market. Our team is available to assist with all of your property maintenance needs and solutions.

Snow Clearing Icon CentreCore

We're here to provide safe customer access​

Our client’s concerns with safety and liabilities is also one of our top priorities. Our team of professionals is available on short notice to address your snow clearing needs.

Facilities Serviced


- commercial malls
- strip malls
- restaurants
- gyms
- auto dealerships
- parking lots


- offices
- libraries
- police statyions
- fire halls
- public service areas


- schools
- training facilities
- daycares
- pre-schools


- warehouses
- storage facilities
- construction projects
- business parks
- vacant facilities and properties

Commercial/Public Facilities

- office buildings
- condominium buildings
- washrooms
- banks
- churches

Health Care

- medical offices
- dental offices
- chiropractic facilities
- massage facilities
- physiotherapy facilities