Commercial Facility Services

Green Initiatives

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainable greening of our services, CentreCore has begun its efforts to move toward the greening of its service operations. CentreCore Group Inc. is committed to providing a quality service in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and minimizes our potential impact on the environment. We will operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and we will strive to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices in all we do.

Our Strategy

CentreCore Recycling Logo
CentreCore Green Logo

We have sourced the most effective and environmentally conscious products for cleaning and implement environmentally friendly disposal, recycling, and chemical reduction programs that positively affect our environment. CentreCore believes that to provide the best customer service possible we must include social responsibility, equality to our employees, and fairness to our clients. We do this to provide a service that is world class and globally responsible. Our efforts in this area have built a company that supports ethical industry standards and creates a win-win situation for all.

CentreCore has in implementing green policies, procedures and products. We have built our business around the concept of sustainability for the environment, our clients, and our employees.
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