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CentreCore was founded and incorporated in April 2015.

Yes, CentreCore Group Inc. is locally owned and operated. This allows direct and personalized service for our Edmonton and area Clients.

Yes, it is always a pleasure for us to provide free estimates. We will visit your site to make sure that our pricing is accurate and includes everything you have requested.

Yes, we always supply all the supervision, labour, equipment and materials required to carry out the tasks within the agreed price. Every project is customized to meet your budget and requirements.

All our commercial Clients are invoiced each calendar month and are given a standard 30 days payment term for ongoing contracts.

Individual Client projects are invoiced after completion and are also given a standard 30 day payment term.

At this time, payments  accepted are either Company cheques or EFT payments.

The security of your facility is one of our top priorities. All our Employee are able to lock/unlock offices and alarm/disarm security alarms.

Since both janitorial cleaning and commercial specialty cleaning normally takes place outside of regular business hours, this is a regular service that we provide to all Clients, large or small.

Yes, our customer service policy is to be available to our Clients for the full duration of any project or contract. This includes the periods before and after project start and completion.

We want our Clients to feel comfortable and confident with our process and ultimately the results.

All our Clients will be provided with an emergency phone number and email so that we can help you with any emergencies that may arise 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Yes, CentreCore Group Inc. uses a wide variety of different environmentally friendly products.

We maintain a Green Cleaning Policy as well as an Environmental Policy.

Our cleaning chemicals meet the Green Seal requirements and our landscaping chemicals meet all government environmental policies.

We also operate our business processes as environmentally friendly as possible which includes, recycling, reducing waste/energy and safety.

Quality doesn’t happen by accident, it is a direct result of careful planning, the proper use of resources with controls and follow-up.

We practice the following principles to ensure our quality service and results are always achieved:

  • Effective recruitment, orientation, training and evaluation of all Employees.
  • Facility/project inspections and follow-ups are done on a regular and adhoc basis and all concerns are addressed immediately.
  • Communication is setup directly between you and our Employees.
  • Obtained feedback on performance corrects any issues and reinforces good behaviour and habits.
  • Account Managers schedule walk-throughs and inspections to ensure all procedures and work is being done to your expectations.

Yes, all Managers, Supervisors and Crew Leaders receive ongoing and comprehensive training in the practises and procedures of managing the sites and services they are assigned.

Weekly management meetings are mandatory and include training/coaching sessions, department status reports, updated Company/Client priorities and general communications.

All front line Employees  receive in-house and on-site training in all areas needed to carry out their given duties and operate any equipment required properly and safely.

CentreCore maintains over 25 different health and safety policies that make up our Health and Safety Manual. These policies ensure that we go above and beyond the Occupational Health and Safety legislation to ensure the safety of our Employees, Subcontractors, Clients and the public.

All Health and Safety issues and Company policies are covered in initial orientation, hazard assessments as well as monthly Health and Safety meetings.

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